Beersbee: The Drinking Game That’s About To Take Over Your Summer

A person standing in water next to a bottle of beer

Nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned drinkin’ game.

From flip cup to beer pong, there’s nothing better than the rush of your drunken fate lying in the hands of your playing partners…. or your own lack of coordination.

However, the same old drinking games can get old after a while… I mean, how many times can you really play beer pong? And with summertime around the corner, you may be looking for something new to kickstart with your buddies.

I highly recommend a little beer darts, but if you’re looking for something that doesn’t run the risk of putting a dart deep into your foot, look no further than…


The ultimate drinking game/sport… the kind that you’d see on ESPN 8 “The Ocho.” It’s a unique combination of frisbee and horseshoes, except you throw in some alcohol into the mix.

Also known as “Polish Horseshoes,” this is all you need to know on how to play:


-2 poles

-2 bottles/cans

-1 frisbee


-The two poles are placed 36 feet apart, while placing one beer can/bottle on top of each pole.


-Players must remain behind the poles at all times. Each player/team takes alternating turns trying to knock down the can/bottle on the pole furthest away from them.

-Once the target is knocked off, the opposing team has an opportunity to catch the frisbee or beer can/bottle before it hits the ground. If you catch the can/bottle, the opposing team doesn’t get points for knocking it off. If the frisbee hits the pole and you catch the frisbee before it hits the ground, the opposing team doesn’t get points for hitting the pole.


-15 or 21 point games. Must win by 2.

-0 points awarded if can/bottle or pole is missed.

-1 point awarded for hitting pole and defending team doesn’t catch the frisbee.

-2 points awarded for knocking down the can/bottle and it is not caught by defending team.

You can get a little creative with the drinking aspect too.

If the team opposing team hits the pole and you don’t catch the frisbee- 2 sips. If you don’t catch the bottle/can- 4 sips.

Just let your imagination run wild.

Get your Beersbee set HERE.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock