Dierks Bentley Gives You A Taste Of Upcoming Tour With Live Performance Of “Gone”

Dierks Bentley has come out with some great mainstream hits over the past few years.

From the early days of “Come A Little Closer” and “What Was I Thinkin’,” to more modern day hits like “Riser,” “Living” and more, you have the appreciate the career Dierks Bentley has had.

He’s as solid and consistent as they come, while still taking some chances here and there (think Black and Up On The Ridge).

And now, his latest single “Gone” has a little more of a rock vibe than we’re used to from Dierks, but another solid hit nonetheless. The song has reached the top five on Canada Country Billboard chart, Billboard Country Airplay, and the US Hot Country Billboard chart.

He recently went on Good Morning America for a live performance of “Gone” in case you were looking for a preview of what you can expect on his upcoming Beers On Me tour with Riley Green and Parker McCollum this year.

Also, if you haven’t heard his bluegrass EP, Live From Telluride, that he released a couple of weeks ago, what are you doing?

The EP just further proves the man’s versatility in the genre, not to mention he throws in a Pink Floyd and U2 cover in there too.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock