Dierks Bentley Releases Surprise Bluegrass EP, ‘Live From Telluride’

Dierks Bentley holding a guitar

It appears that Dierks Bentley has found his second home in Colorado.

The Arizona native played the Telluride Bluegrass Festival back in June, and it looks like he’s 1,000% in his element. In fact, he loves it so much, he’s released a live album from the show.

He announced the surprise live album on Twitter yesterday, as he posted a video of him covering the legendary Pink Floyd hit, “Wish You Were Here.”

The album consists of five songs, including his boot stomper, “Woman, Amen,” “Travelin’ Light,” “Bad Angel,” and a countryfied bluegrass version of U2’s legendary hit, “Pride (In The Name of Love),” as well as the aforementioned Pink Floyd cover.

“This really was a once in a lifetime show for me. Getting to play at my favorite festival…with some of my favorite musicians and performers…in one of my favorite places in the world…felt like a dream.

Luckily this dream was captured on tape and I can go back and relive the way it felt that night whenever I want.”

He was also joined by The War And Treaty, Larkin Poe, and the great Sam Bush.

We’ve been dying for him to record another bluegrass album, and while this isn’t a full studio production, it’s really damn good.

“Bad Angel”

“Wish You Were Here”

“Pride (In The Name Of Love)”

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