Kolby Cooper’s “One Night Stand” Is Criminally Underrated

Alright Texas country music fans, it’s time to let the rest of the world know about Kolby Cooper.

On August 15, the East Texas native released an EP titled Vol. 2., and I think this track contains one of the most criminally underrated songs of 2020: “One Night Stand.”

In the song, Cooper sings about how he came home one day and his girlfriend left him and took everything he owned with her. In the chorus, he lists all of the stuff he’s trying to buy on Craigslist, and finishes it off by saying “All I need is one, night stand.”

Is he talking about a hookup? Or an actual night stand? Both? It’s genius.

The word play that Cooper, along with songwriters Jordan Walker and Trent Summar use in this song is what ties it all together. Simple lines like “one, night stand” are just enough to get you thinking, while also adding a sense of humor and relatability. Not to mention, the upbeat chorus is insanely catchy.

I think it’s just a matter of time before this man explodes across the country, and it’s songs like “One Night Stand” that are paving the way for him.

Oh yea, and the man just turned 21 this year.

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