Zach Bryan Teases Another New Song, “Corinthians 5:17,” Fans Call For A Koe Wetzel Duet

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Keep ’em coming.

Zach Bryan is debuting another awesome new song, and seeing as how everything he touches seemingly turns to gold, it should come as no surprise that I already love this one.

He posted a video of him playing the song on Twitter with the caption that includes the title and part of the lyrics:

“I wrote this tune called Corinthians 5:17

Smirking like an asshole, with a cheek full of tobacco, in the back of a bronco, in some town you’ve never been”

That’s damn country music. There’s something so captivating about Zach and just an acoustic guitar… an incredible simplicity.

Of course, he’s never one to shy away from talking about the real things going on in his life and all of the deep emotions that come along with different stages, and this song is no exception.

Check out some of the lyrics:

“I looked up at the Heaven’s
Saw how small I really was
I wanna build a house and burn it down just because
Smirking like an asshole 
With a cheek full of tobacco 
In the back of a bronco 
In some town you’ve never been

Well nothin’ fun happens after you turn 25
If I make it out at all 
I want you right here by my side
And if I’m goin’ down
Then I’m goin’ down true
If I got anyone one to thank
It will only be you”

It’s like reading poetry… the man has a way with words.

And, what could possibly make the song even better? Koe Wetzel, of course.

A fan replied to the thread saying:

To which Zach & Koe both replied:

And, Zach already has some ideas for how it could work:

Sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I mean, what a pair that would be.

Earlier this year he hinted at a new album coming, but thus far, nothing has been announced.

On the concert front, he does have a couple festival shows coming up and a benefit concert in Charlotte with Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey in July.

In terms of music other than this track, he’s been putting out other clips and videos of unreleased songs including “The Butcher’s Floor” and “Sunday Afternoon”, just to name a few.

Hopefully, all of this means we’ll be hearing more good news in terms of an official album announcement from him in the near future… with a tracklist that includes all of these songs if we’re really lucky.

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