Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey = BIG Zach Bryan Guy

Christian McCaffrey talking on a microphone

Yes, you read that right.

Christian McCaffrey, the Carolina Panthers stud running back, recently shared a series of grainy, instant camera film that included a photo of his phone playing “Oklahoma City” by rising country star Zach Bryan (who recently made his Opry debut).

Check it out the third photo:

If you’re not a die-hard Panthers fan like me, you may not know that Christian is an exceptional piano player, often posting other videos on his Instagram page of him playing different songs.

He’s also a pretty big country music fan, as the fact that he listens to Zach suggests.

Zach saw the photo himself, and replied with a comment saying:

“The aesthetics of this are it dawg, can’t wait to have you playing piano on stage brother. Keep killing it.”

SO… I think this definitely means we’re gonna need to see the two of them play something together ASAP. Who knows, fingers crossed, maybe something is already in the works.

Since Christian is clearly a fan of “Oklahoma City,” that seems like the perfect place to start to me. Honestly, though, they could do any of Zach’s songs together and I’m sure it would be nothing short of spectacular and we NEED it.

In an interview with ESPN a few years back, Christian mentioned another stellar country artist, Tyler Childers, as one of his personal influences:

“There’s a guy right now who’s probably my favorite: Tyler Childers, a country artist. I love his sound.” 

The man clearly has great taste.

Check him out playing a little Kygo a few months ago if you wanna know how good he really is at playing piano:

Whenever he’s ready to put the pads away for good (which I’m hoping is a LONG time from now), a move to country music might be a great next career choice for the Pro Bowl running back.

And how about a little “Oklahoma City”

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