Zach Bryan Warns Of The Ruthless “Hungry Crowd” In New Song, “The Butcher’s Floor”

This one is different…

We’ve heard Zach Bryan dig into so many topics in his songs: Lost love, lonely nights, his mother’s death, drinking, smoking, friends and everything in between.

But this one is something else.

“The Butcher’s Floor” was posted to YouTube late last night, typical Zach fashion. He opens by saying “There’s talk of a new record coming” and then goes absolute scorched earth…

He attacks the crowd of people who look for other’s faults but refuse to acknowledge their own. The crowd of people who turn their backs or stab yours the second you don’t do what they want. The crowd of people who force their ideas and views onto others, and enjoy watching them fail.

This crowd of people could be the music industry suits (we know all about their false promises to rising artists) or it could be about the latest social trend, Cancel Culture, lofty expectations, whoever that is… the second you don’t make them happy, they’ll eat you alive

“Waiting outside your door there’s an awfully hungry crowd
They’ll comfort you, then chew your bones and spit you to the ground
Take heed, take heed and don’t you give them what they need
Cause those animals will pay top dime just to see a stranger bleed


Welcome to the butcher’s floor where anything goes
They’ll bend you and they’ll break you just to see how far you fold
I am not an evil man, no I’d never hurt a soul
But I’ll die where I stand if it means I’m not controlled

Cue up the chorus:

So don’t feed the hungry crowd
With their bloodshot eyes, greedy hearts and drooling mouths
Welcome to the butcher’s floor
Come on boy take it home

For a man now a days
Mistakes are not allowed
There’s no planks in the eyes of this strangely perfect crowd”

COME ON with it.

A Butcher’s Floor… What a powerful way to describe the carnage left behind by controlling crowds, whoever they may be.

Whoever this is about, look out cause Zach is on the hunt and not holding back. And honestly, we should follow his lead and push back on these strangely perfect crowds…

Oh, and how about the Opry debut?

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