Zach Bryan Gets Introspective With New Song “Sunday Afternoon”

At some point you run out of words to describe Zach Bryan.

Unique, authentic, raw, deep, talented, genius, trailblazer, fearless, new, old, soulful, happy, sad…

All of those are true, yet feel beyond cheap when compared to the body of work, the cult-like following, and focus on depth of substance that Zach has curated for himself.

His latest song is another expansion of style, more of a poem set to a melody, the music serving as an emotional guide to fully understand the lines.

Titled “Sunday Afternoon,” this song is a self-searching, look forward by looking back journey of introspection and reflection. The kind of thoughts you have on a lonely Sunday afternoon, when the week looms before you and the past is catching up. The lines not shortened to fit the music, the music lengthened to fit the lines.

“Take me out to see the stars, I’ve been dying to
The past few weeks I’ve given my last ounce of trying too
And everything I want to say is always on the tip of my tongue tied, twisted tongue
Like how I miss my old friends and the blood rush of being young

The second verse curs even deeper…

And I’m just gonna be honest for the first time in awhile
I miss the way her home smelled, her southern accent, the way she made me smile
But now I’m coming home, all alone, tired to my bones
Country roads treat me fair
I haven’t even seen the gravestone that I paid to have placed there”

Just beautiful.

Like I said, I’ve begun to run out of words for the mystic of Zach Bryan. I just hope he doesn’t run of out whatever he’s got in his veins…

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A beer bottle on a dock