Zach Bryan Gives His Take On Morgan Wallen, Updates Fans On His New Album: “I’ve Got To Live the Words I Write”

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For my money, Zach Bryan is not only one of the best young artists to come along in country music in years, he’s one of the most exciting up-and-coming stars in all of music.

Talent like this comes around only so often, so do yourself a major favor if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet.

Obviously the news has been all about Morgan Wallen, and while many artists have remained silent on the situation and video that surfaced, Zach here did not.

He gave his followers on Twitter a quick take on what was going on…

“Didn’t know this is what Morgan Wallen meant by country ass shit with country ass friends.”


Onto the good news.

His tweet prior put the focus on new music fans are clamoring for.

“Next time you guys hear from me, there will be an album releasing. I’ve got to live the words I write. Merch will be restocked on the website in about two weeks. I love y’all, you support me immensely and this shit’ll be the best I can conjure.”

Obviously we heard from him shortly after, but the news sorta forced his hand.

Zach has his head on right. If you’re unaware, he’s also an Active Duty Member of the Navy on top of being an otherworldly songwriter.

Get ready for huge things, oh and Zach, this is very much up our alley with the move out to Colorado.

Mountains and beers soon.

“Mine Again”

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A beer bottle on a dock