Kelly Clarkson Gets Garth Brooks’ Eyes Watering With Emotional Performance Of “The Dance”


I really like that…

Kelly Clarkson put on a show-stopping performance of Garth Brooks’ classic, #1 hit “The Dance” in honor of him joining the 43rd class of the Kennedy Center Honors, which aired from Washington, D.C last night. He joins four other artists in Dick Van Dyke, Joan Baez, Debbie Allen and Midori that make up the whole group.

Of course, Kelly has shared before how special the song has become to her amid her recent divorce. Kelly and Garth even sang it on her show together a few months back, where she got visibly emotional trying to get through it.

This time, it was her turn to sing it solo and honor Garth on stage at the event. She gave a flawless rendition of her favorite song, and I have to say, I really think we need a country album from Kelly.

Kelly Goes Country

She’s known to do a cover or two of a country song on her daytime show, The Kelly Clarkson Show (which is set to replace the time slot of Ellen soon), including Reba’s hit “How Blue”George Strait’s “You Look So Good In Love”, Willie Nelson’s “Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain” and many more.

Not only that, but she’s legitimately knocked every single one of those covers out of the park. She told Garth before that she even has a special line on one of the songs on her next album to particularly commemorate this song:

“So, it’s not like your song, like a rip-off, but I literally wrote this whole thing, like therapeutically, for me.

It’s actually on my next album and it’s the whole kind of come around, like the little tag part is like, ‘Even though my heart is broken, it was worth the dance, anyway.'”

I can’t wait to hear that one.

Of course, during her performance at The Kennedy Center Honors, the camera panned to Mr. Yearwood who was gripping onto Trisha, visibly emotional himself.

I was just waiting to see a teardrop fall, but he somehow managed to keep his composure. You can see those eyes misting up, but it doesn’t quite look like we got the tears we were hoping for. I’m not quite sure how he did it to be honest, especially on such a big night.

He’s known to get pretty emotional, but credit where is due, G.

Do yourself a favor and watch Kelly absolutely crush her rendition of “The Dance”:

The Kennedy Center Honors

If you want to hear Garth talk about what this honor means to him, make sure you at least check out the first slide of a post from the Kennedy Center.

And, fair warning, when he talks about how “slowed down” everything was this year at the event (due to COVID protocols), I had immediate flashbacks to his first Facebook video…

“I’ve got to be here, thank goodness, a number of times for other artists. And it’s always really a zoo, it’s moving really quick, lots of people.

And this one was exactly the opposite. Just real slowed down.

And sincerity’s always part of this, but I gotta tell you, maybe I’m just bein’ prejudice, but this one was so sincere. And what I saw, for the difference between performing and being there, was the time they allowed the five honorees with each other.

You walk outta here goin’, ‘Damn, I could quite possibly be the weak link in this chain’. And I am fine with that. These are some amazing, amazing, amazing performers, and to think this is one of 43 years? That’s a pretty hellacious list to belong to.”

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