Kelly Clarkson Covers The Hell Outta Reba’s 1984 Hit, “How Blue”

C’mon Kelly… where’s that country record?

“How Blue” was one of Reba McEntire’s first really big hits, with her firsy #1 only coming a few singles before that. She released the song in 1984 as the lead single from her album, My Kinda Country.

Perhaps the best part about Reba’s career, is how she inspired several artists who have come after her, and that includes Kelly Clarkson. Not to mention she was married to Reba’s stepson until their recent divorce (he wants over $400,000 a MONTH in spousal support by the way).

Although Clarkson is prevalent in the pop world, the Texan and very first winner of American Idol grew up on country music, and is still a huge fan of the genre to this day (except for perhaps the current state mainstream is in).

I mean, we can’t forget about the epic rant she went on about how radio country music isn’t country music anymore?

And now, she continues to show off the genre that played a big part in her decision to pursue music, as she did an incredible rendition of “How Blue” on her show a few days ago. Of course, she performed it to perfection.

There aren’t many people in the music industry who are more talented vocally than Clarkson, so you know you’re in for something special when she does a cover.

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