Kelly Clarkson Fights Back Tears Singing “The Dance” With Garth Brooks, Garth Gets Emotional After “Shallow”

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G and Kelly had themselves a DAY.

Singing some songs, swapping some stories, Kelly tried her best, but couldn’t help fan-girling pretty hard over Garth.

Kelly told Garth that his song “The Dance” is currently helping her through her divorce (the one where her ex is seeking $436,000 a MONTH in spousal support). But as soon as Garth started picking on the intro.. that’s when Kelly had to gather her composure before joining Garth for the chorus.

The two also performed Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” together, and right off the bat, I love how Kelly roast him on the goofy-ass cover art he has for his new album FUN.

“My man, you don’t look like you’re having fun…”

But then, shocker… Garth looked like he started tearing up too…

They also got into some classic covers like “Piano Man,” “American Pie,” and “You Never Even Called Me by My Name.”

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