Tyler Childers And His Wife Senora May Duet On Some Good Ol’ Hank Williams

Ol’ Tyler’s done it again.

Hailing from the green hills of Appalachia, Tyler Childers can make just about any song sound good. I mean honestly, he could sing the instructions on the back of a shampoo bottle and have us all in shambles.

Here, he’s teamed up with his wife Senora May, a fellow phenomenal singer, for a virtual benefit concert performance to raise money for flood victims in his home state of Kentucky (you can still donate here by the way).

The husband and wife duo have performed together in the past and you can find some random performances on the interwebs here and there if you look hard enough. Two that come to mind are Willie Nelson’s “Sad Song and Waltzes,” as well as “Snipe Hunt.” However, it has been argued by many (meaning mostly us here at Whiskey Riff) that it should happen more often.

That being said, what’re they singing here?

Nothing but some good ol’ Hank Williams. One of Hank’s greats, “The Old Country Church.”

This specific cover of the song makes you feel like you’re watching an old southern gospel group sing on your TV on a Sunday night. All we’re missing is that fiddle that he had been working on playing during quarantine… now that would’ve really been something.

Senora May also recently released an album titled All Of My Love.

A talented singer/songwriter hailing from Kentucky as well, Senora May’s eclectic style is a little bit country, a little bit folk, and a whole lot of awesome. Citing a wide range of influences from all over the musical spectrum, artists like Emmylou Harris, Nina Simone, and Feist, as well as Bobby Bare, Jr. and Beyoncé, the ultimate goal for this album was really simple… to spread the love.

Featuring the title track, as well as this one, “Colors,” and more, the album dropped on February 14th.

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