Zach Bryan Shares Teaser For What Appears To Be “The Great American Bar Scene” Music Video

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan is back at it.

The country music star just recently shared that the album “The Great American Bar Scene” is on its way in 2024… we just don’t know when. Bryan has been sharing the exciting news as he’s traveled all across the country on his Quittin’ Time Tour:

@greatamericanbarscene It’s official in Omaha #zachbryan #greatamericanbarscene #zachbryanconcert #newmusic #fyp ♬ original sound – greatamericanbarscene

So with that announcement, which he’s made at many of his live shows, we know that the album will become available by the end of this year. Considering Zach just released his self-titled album back in August of 2023, it’s a pretty quick turn around for another project. Then again, he did the same thing with American Heartbreak, so you can just chalk it up to the fact the man is a songwriting machine.

And thanks to a post from Zach today, “The Great American Bar Scene” might be coming out sooner than we expected. Bryan is always releasing teasers to his new music, but rarely does he ever share sneak peaks of future music videos. The country singer did just that earlier today though, releasing this 30-second clip with the caption:

“The Great American Bar Scene”


The only thing containing my excitement is that we still don’t know an exact date for an official release. Once Bryan reveals that, country music fans (and Bryan die-hards) will really get pumped.

Based upon the replies to the “Hey Driver” singer’s most recent post, people are more than ready for “The Great American Bar Scene” to drop:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock