Tyler Childers & Senora May Singing “Snipe Hunt” Together Is Damn Near As Good As It Gets

Most die-hard Tyler Childers fans have the seen the video of him singing Willie Nelson’s “Sad Songs and Waltzes” alongside his wife Senora May. And while I love that one as well, Tyler performed a few songs in that old pew.

In what appears to be backstage at Epicenter (wherever that may be), and after what seems like a few drinks, Tyler grabbed his guitar, sat by his lady and busted out an unreleased fan favorite, “Snipe Hunt,” for her and everyone else around.

And he sounded, as always, awesome. Senora May chimed in with a few harmonies as well, and honestly, I wish they sang more together… it was really cool to hear the two of them together.

Yeah, he forgot a line here or there, who hasn’t? It’s the rawness that does it for me.

“Snipe Hunt” is, in a good way, long-winded. It tells the story of life lessons learned the hard way, with some typical Childers references, locational phrases and word play featured heavily, so it’s understandable.

Plus, doesn’t it make you like the guy just a bit more? Just a good ole boy from Kentucky, who happens to have one of the greatest minds of all time for spinning a yarn and belting a tune, a little drunk just having fun. Now these days, Tyler doesn’t drink anymore, but he still knows his way around a damn good country, perhaps, better than anybody in the business.

And speaking of “Sad Songs & Waltzes,” that same video ends with another unreleased tune titled “The Wonder & The Why.”

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