“THAT LEG WAS CRANKIN'” – Internet Stunned By Nashville Bargoer’s “Leg Windmill” Dance Move

Man dancing in Nashville
Cat Flint

Never know what you’re going to see down on Broadway.

I must confess this is the best thing to come out of this TikTok trend. The social media platform is shedding light on some of the killer dance moves men have with a recent “white boys can’t dance” trend. I must admit some of these moves that have been posted are wild, and there are also many videos proving that sometimes you just aren’t born with rhythm….and that’s okay. You just need to accept that and move on.

However, this man has more than rhythm; after breaking out an insane “leg windmill” dance move, he appears to have no joints.

A Nashville musician, Cat Flint, joined the trend, making a highlight reel of some of the dance moves she has seen while performing on Broadway. The 30-second video left me with a side stitch from giggling, because these Nashville bar goers really left it all on the dance floor. While everyone in the highlight reel was giving it their all, one man stole the show. I had to rewatch the video four times to try and understand the mechanics of his chosen dance move…an insane “leg windmill.”

This man bends his knee and twists it around at lightning speed behind his other leg, truly mimicking the motion of a windmill or helicopter. It’s wild, and everyone in the comments section has so many questions about how this is even physically possible.

“The leg windmill is CRAZY.”

“I’d be in physical therapy if I tried that lil leg windmill.”

“I physically can’t comprehend how you do this.”

(This was exactly my thoughts)

“I would’ve tore my ACL, MCL, fractured my patella, and tore my meniscus if I tried that leg windmill.”

“I audibly gasped at the leg twirl.”


“I’ve never seen a leg windmill. Today is now a good day. NO! A great day.”

He stole the show of this video.

This honestly says a lot because the runner-up was the last man highlighted who took off his shirt and was twirling it around. You know he got kicked out shortly after he pulled out that dance move, but you have to respect the dedication.

@catflint_ im so sorry (not really) if you are any of these men 😂😭 #dancing #whiteboys #broadwaynashville #nashville #nashvillebars #nashvillemusic #whiteboyscandance #playthatfunkymusicwhiteboy #fyp #fypviral #viral ♬ Play That Funky Music – Wild Cherry

People quickly began commenting that they wanted to see a longer video of the “leg windmill” man, and thankfully, Cat informed social media users that there is, in fact, a longer video on her page. When I tell you, this was well worth the search…

Cat writes in an on-screen caption that her band found out she used to Irish dance and loved doing dance-offs with her. The “leg windmill” man was her opponent, and while the 360-leg twirl is still a highlight, this man can Irish jig, too.

He steps onto the empty dance floor and does not miss a beat getting into it so fast. Talk about footwork! This man even does a high kick before the finishing move of the “leg windmill.”

This is hands down the best thing you’ll watch all week. I have to know how this man figured out he could do this dance move or how he taught it to himself. I need a new party trick and this would steal the show.

@catflint_ just your causual braodway dance off 😂🤌🏼 #broadwaynashville #barstoolsports #tootsiesnashville #danceoff #irishdance ♬ original sound – Cat Flint

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