Gator Trapper Gets Bucked Off Of Alligator & Almost Takes A Chomp Right To His Manhood

Gator attacks man
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There’s no amount of money in the world that you could pay me to do something like this.

Gator trapping is somewhat of a thankless job, but it is a job that’s needed. Especially in the state of, you guessed it, Florida. Believe it or not, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission reports that an estimated 10,000 nuisance alligator calls occur each year.

All that means is a gator is in a place where it isn’t supposed to be, and someone is called in to take care of it. Do they work for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission? The answer to that question is no (but at the same time, sort of).

Basically, when an alligator is reported to the wildlife commission, they call upon the services of one of the hundreds of contracted trappers that are located all across the Sunshine State. They get paid a stipend to trap the gator, and then those trappers can sell the reptile to a farm or process it for meat and hide and keep the profits.

It’s not a very lucrative business model, but someone has to do it. Question is, would you do a job as dangerous as this if you felt like you were underpaid? I know how I would answer that question… and just in case you were confused there, I’d respond with a confident, firm “hell no.”

Especially because even though these trappers are technically the experts of their field, they are still dealing with wild, dangerous animals. Gators don’t just get trapped willingly. There’s a process to it all, and if things don’t go smoothly, the trapping can go terribly wrong.

This trapper in Tampa, Florida initially thought he had everything under control, but that all changed when the calm alligator he was sitting on turned into a bucking bronco. For a moment, it even looked like the alligator trapper was riding atop a mechanical bull.

In the snap of the fingers, the trapper went from on top of the gator to ass-on-pavement. The man was terrified as the alligator contorted around quickly to try and take a chomp out of the trapper’s nether regions. This video right here is the definition of a close call.

Check it out:

It appears that they eventually regained control of the situation and finished the trapping procedure, but man oh man was that almost a tragic disaster. If that were me, that would have been the last time I tried to subdue an angry alligator.

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