“What Did I Walk In On?” – Otter Takes Down Raccoon In Brutal Sewer Drain Battle

otter raccoon

What would you do if you heard growling come from a storm drain?

If you’ve seen a select few horror movies (you know which ones I’m talking about), you would smartly pray to the “Big Man” upstairs and walk away, never looking back. This person might’ve said a prayer beforehand, but they instead walked right towards the storm drain to see what was going on.

Just going based upon the sounds, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the video revealed a lion or a bear was down in the sewers. You’ll understand what I mean by that when you take a listen to the clip. It certainly sounded like a larger animal was behind the guttural noises.

But when the camera got down at storm drain level, viewers found out that the noises were coming from two smaller wild animals in the middle of a literal knock-down, drag-out. A terrifyingly fierce otter was in full control in a battle with a raccoon, and the poor little trash panda appeared to be in a really tough spot.

The otter had latched into the area right on the back of the raccoon’s neck. One could assume that move had immobilized the raccoon a bit, which makes sense considering the otter was basically tossing around the bigger of the two small creatures.

In the most shocking portion of the footage, the otter positions the raccoon in front of an opening down in the storm drain. Then, with one swift, violent tug, the otter pulled the raccoon back and into a culvert of some sort. It’s brutal to watch, and garnered this audible reaction from the person behind the camera:

“What the f**k did I walk in on?”

Nature is a brutal place.

Those that viewed the video on social media were shocked, to say the least. Many people had no idea how barbarous otters can be (since they look so cute otherwise), and they made sure to point that out in the comments section:

“People don’t realize how savage otters can be.”

“Congratulations, you walked in on a felony.”

“That raccoon was never heard from again.”

“I was expecting to see the IT clown.”

“How did you know that was happening in there?”

Did you not hear the noises in the video? It sounded like there was a monster down in that storm train. And I guess there was in the form of a small-but-deadly otter…

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