Gator Spotted Munching On A Coyote Just Under The Water’s Surface

Gator chomps on coyote

Alligators will eat anything, even a coyote.

These beasts are prehistoric looking and able to survive through a lot of changes with their ability to hunt down and eat many different things. They can reach weights over 1,000 pounds, so they are forced to have a diverse diet to more easily get the food they need.

Alligators lurk around slowly, but in a flash (whether in water or on land), they will attack with power and speed. Their short bursts are able to catch just about any creature when executed right. If they get a hold of their prey it’s pretty much game over as they have one of the strongest bite forces out there, reaching up to 2,000 psi.

They normal feed on fish, amphibians, birds and small mammals. But, they are incredibly opportunistic and will never pass up a meal when they are hungry. Even a coyote.

This gator was seen with a coyote right in its mouth, just below the surface of the water. It doesn’t seem like this gator killed it, but it has found and laid a claim on it.

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