Feisty Bobcat Jumps On Deer’s Back For A Brutal Takedown

Bobcat mounts deer

Sometimes the smaller animal just has more fight and more skill to get the win where it’s unexpected.

Bobcats are medium sized wild cats, reaching 35 pounds at most. Like all wild cats they vicious hunters, taking on small mammals, birds and snakes. And like all cats, they are ambush predators and often spot their prey long before getting close and taking them down as the wait for the perfect opportunity.

These cats use their patience to get close and then they attack with speed and accuracy to take out their prey. Reaching speeds of 30 miles per hours in bursts, bobcats shoot for the kill and often go right for the neck as they sink their teeth in and hold on for the ride with their razor sharp claws.

These expert level hunting skills leave them with the ability to take out much larger animals when they need to, like deer. Deer average around 120 pounds in most places, leaving a massive size mismatch.

But this lone bobcat showed us just how it is done.

With a crowd of deer around, the bobcat picked a smaller one and went to work. Like and MMA fighter, he is seen taking the deer’s back with a firm bite on its neck as it holds on until the show is all over.

The deer tries to get up but is unable as the bobcat has the kill shot bite placed perfectly.

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