Morgan Wallen Shares Unreleased New Song “Somebody’s Problem,” Confirms Double Album

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Morgan Wallen is fixin’ to blow up this year.

“7 Summers,” has been an absolute smash, he’ll be performing on the ACM Awards next week, he’s up there next to Chris Gaines for chart records, and more… and now, he’s confirmed that the double album actually got the green light.

And between “Afterglow” and “Still Goes Down,” along with “Dangerous,” “Wasted On You” and “Wonderin’ About The Wind, among others, Morgan is cranking out enough songs to fill that double album up.

And he just teased one more.

Called “Somebody’s Problem,” here’s a little taste from the verse.

“Kinda girl once you had her you can’t stand to lose her
Kinda girl where your friends tell you don’t fuck it up.
Kinda girl that goes from just trying to get her number
and sliding through the summer to talkin’ about love.”

Just go ahead and throw this one in the pile with the rest of the songs that Morgan’s fans are gonna love.

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