Morgan Wallen Shares Another New Song – “Dangerous”

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Morgan Wallen, who recently shared that he was heading back into the studio, has been teasing a bunch of new songs lately.

We’ve heard “Wasted On You,” “Warning,” “Wonderin’ ‘Bout The Wind,” and now this new one, “Dangerous.”

“Me and ol’ Ern accidentally wrote another song today, and I ain’t got nothing else to do so… well I lied, I’m about to go fish with my cousin, but before I do that, here it is.”

And one quick look at the first line, it sounds pretty close to home for Morgan:

“I could see me sittin’ in the back of the cop car banging my head on a window,
I could see me slamming that last call shot glass, losing everything in my billfold…
so I don’t want to go downtown.”

Write whatcha know, right?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock