Fans Are BEGGING Morgan Wallen To Drop This Unreleased Song “Afterglow”

Morgan Wallen is poppin’ off on the ol’ Tik Tok again and this time, it’s with an unreleased tune called “Afterglow.”

I don’t know shit about it other than it sounds like a pretty old demo from back near the beginning of Morgan’s career, but what I do know is that the fans are DYING to get their hands on this one.

“Livin’ in the afterglow, baby I don’t wanna go,
Let’s put the night on hold, turn the air down low cuz it’s gonna heat up again,
This is where I wanna be, you’re layin’ one leg over me,
Yeah I’m in too deep, I don’t wanna go to sleep and I hope this feelin’ never ends,
Baby I don’t wanna go, let’s live here in the afterglow.”

It leans pretty heavy on Morgan’s pop sensibilities with the drum machines and even Morgan’s vocals sound void of his usual twang, but either way, fans are obsessed.

Just look at some of these tweets.

And it goes on and on and on and on like that….

Of course Morgan Wallen’s “7 Summers” just smashed a whole mess of streaming records, putting him right up there with the likes of Chris Gaines (LOL), so hey, maybe just go ahead and drop this one.

New song, old demo, whatever… if you can learn anything from Luke Combs MONSTER rise to superstardom, it’s give the fans what they want and they’ll reward you by putting asses in the seats (and money in your pocket).

Here’s another one called “Going Down” that sounds like it might be from the set of recordings.

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A beer bottle on a dock