Morgan Wallen Teases Brand New Song “Wonderin’ Bout The Wind”

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Keep ’em coming Morgan.

It’s no surprise, but quarantine has left artists with a lot of free time. Like, A LOT of it. And many of us are in the same boat, with a whole lot of nothing to do.

Some artists are spending this time writing more, singing more, and releasing more new stuff for the fans. And Morgan Wallen has been sharing a shit-ton of new stuff lately.

This latest teaser is from a brand new one called “Wonderin’ ‘Bout The Wind.”

“Well I’m definitely probably gonna get in trouble for this, but it’s a strange time in life and I think some of the “rules” for this business are out the window right now. I called up Ernest to help me write this song about an hour ago. I don’t know if it’s good or if it ain’t, but here’s the first verse and chorus anyways. “Wonderin Bout The Wind.”

Breakin’ the rules… as Garth Brooks would say, “I like that.”

Check it out now because it might not be up too much longer.

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