Kelsea Ballerini Taking A Break From Social Media After Twitter Outrage Over Her Coronavirus Video

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People are offended on Twitter – YOU DON’T SAY.

Yesterday Kelsea Ballerini said she was taking time off from social media after Twitter outrage over her Coronavirus video.

The tweet was in reference to the video she posted below before having to take around 20 flights leading up to her new album, kelsea:

“pushing 20 flights in the next few weeks for album release. this is me now. #DONTTOUCHME #justkiddingimahugger #coroNOvirus #staysafeouttherekids #yesthatsagarmetbag #andskigloves”

Here were some of the responses on Twitter:

– Kelsea, people are literally dying, this is not a twitter moment

– people are dying and you’re making it a joke

– the way this isn’t funny at all like whatsoever

– listen i love you but this is extremely insensitive. people are dying

Here’s the tame video people got all worked up about. The joys of social media!

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock