Peyton Manning Announces That Bill Belichick Will Be A Permanent Weekly Guest On ManningCast This Season

Peyton Manning
The Pat McAfee Show

Bill Belichick will be keeping plenty busy and staying within the orbit of the NFL despite getting passed on in the latest head coach hiring cycle. In addition to doing weekly spots on The Pat McAfee Show, the longtime New England Patriots coach is set to be permanent fixture on the ManningCast with Peyton and Eli Manning for Monday Night Football.

Peyton announced the news on Friday, explaining how Belichick’s singular experience and expertise on the defensive side of the ball will add an exciting new angle to the Manning Bros’ real-time analysis. In classic Peyton fashion, he made the link between Belichick and his brother Eli, who beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl back in his heyday with the New York Giants.

“It was an easy pitch to Bill. Because I said Bill, we want you to come on, and we’d love to go behind the ropes on the defensive side as to kind of what the Eagles are going to have to do to stop Patrick Mahomes.

And if you ever run out of things to say, just make fun of Eli right? That’s always sort of a time filler, and Bill doesn’t like Eli. We all know that. Two Super Bowls. So just a match made in heaven…

I can’t tell you the advantage to having a defensive coach to take the quarterback behind the ropes on that defense that made me a better quarterback. So Bill’s gonna do that. I think the audience is going to be fascinated by how smart he is.”

There’s more to Peyton’s lengthy statement, but the gist of it is, Belichick will come on probably during the first quarter or sometime early in the game to break down specifically how the defense should be attacking the quarterback. I’m among the many who believe having an offensive coach as a play-caller is easily the best path to sustainable success in the modern NFL.

However, in this show’s setup, getting the best defensive mind in the history of the sport to dissect things from that side of the ball should make the already successful ManningCast the ultimate football nerd’s dream. It’ll still be wildly entertaining, yet also be a goldmine for anyone who wants to expand their football knowledge. In helping out McAfee and Co. with NFL Draft coverage and performing very well at the Tom Brady Netflix roast, Belichick has all of a sudden gotten way more relatable and boosted his stock as a prospective 2025 head coach faster than anyone I can recall offhand.

I really can’t wait to see how much sh*t Eli gives Belichick for those two Super Bowls he has on him. Both of those matchups could’ve easily gone New England’s way. One of them was for a perfect 19-0 season counting the playoffs. It took a stupendous effort by the G-Men defensive line and a miraculous helmet catch from David Tyree to extend the Giants’ winning drive in that first duel. Then, Eli made one of the great throws in NFL history to Mario Manningham down the sideline to help clinch that second victory.

A season away from coaching might be the best thing to happen to Belichick in years. If he lets that perpetually rumored sense of humor continue to shine, and is as affable as he’s been on TV in previous brief spots, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be back as a head coach in 2025. Until then, we should all cherish seeing him in rare form each week on the ManningCast.

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