“GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE” – Golfers Just About Killed Their Papaw With The “Fake Snake On A String” Prank

Golf prank

There’s a fine line between pranking your papaw and elder abuse.

The golfers in this video are riding that line with this “fake snake on a string” prank. Officially, it’s a little cruel to do something like this to an older gentleman who is just trying to enjoy a day out at the golf course. Unofficially… this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

This is one of those videos where you laugh your you-know-what off as you simultaneously feel bad for the person that’s the butt of the joke. When the footage first picks up, the older man is giggling about something. I’m assuming he just got done wrapping up a world class dad joke.

But he stops laughing pretty fast when his “friends” warn him that a snake is going after his feet. In reality, one of the golfers had attached the snake to the man’s pants with some fishing line, so it was dragging behind him. It’s tough to tell that though when your are the person getting pranked in the heat of the moment.

Once the guy thought that a snake was attacking him, he naturally started frantically retreating. As he tried to elude the snake that somehow knew his every move, he yelled his go-to phrase over and over again the entire time:


I’m sure the snake would have gotten the f**k out of there… if it wasn’t made of plastic. But it not being real didn’t matter as the poor gentlemen busted his back right up against a golf cart and fell to the ground. Once he was wallowing around in fear and pain, they finally told him it was a fake snake.

For going through a living nightmare, the man handled it pretty well afterwards. One person walked up and apologized to him as the prank-ee was recovering from the event. He looked into the camera and verbalized an obvious fear:

“I don’t like snakes.” 

Didn’t have to tell us that! It was rather evident from this horrible-yet-hilarious prank video, which you can view below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock