Deer Throws Hooves With Coyote To Protect The Herd In Wild Trail Camera Footage

deer vs coyote
Knowlton North Maine Outdoors

So much for deer being non-confrontational.

Deer tend to stray away from conflict, unless they deem it absolutely necessary. That must have been the case in this trail camera video out of Maine, which showed a young white-tailed deer standing up against a coyote that was apparently threatening the deer and its herd.

The footage first shows a serene, snowy field that would soon be the sight of the standoff. There was without a doubt some action off of the trail camera’s frame beforehand, but in 2024, we’re apparently still limited to still-shot trail cameras. There’s a million dollar idea out there if someone can create a trail camera that can spin around the trunk of a tree (if it doesn’t exist already).

Once the coyote was in the shot of camera, it didn’t take long for the early-morning-action to begin. The wild canine tossed up powdery snow as it came to a full stop to prepare for the incoming deer. Normally, the attack would be the other way around, as coyotes commonly attack deer and are one of their main predators (especially for younger fawns).

The deer definitely had a size advantage on the coyote, though the wild canines are often better equipped to handle clashes. But this deer came out swinging (literally), throwing hooves before it even came to a full stop. It didn’t take long for the coyote to realize that it was outmatched in this battle, and if the description for the video is true, the coyote probably knew that back up from the herd would be on its way if it fought back.

So the canine tucked its tail and ran away after the deer got in a couple of nasty hooks. However, it did end up coming to a stop not too far away to assess the situation once more. That ended up being a bad decision, because the deer went into full-on-attack-mode to further chase it away from the area.

Considering how deer versus coyote videos usually go, this is a nice change of pace, and a huge win for the deer population. This white-tail made its species proud, and its brave efforts successfully protected the herd that was standing nearby.

Check it out:

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