Travis Kelce Reportedly Had No Idea Who Jana Kramer Was After Her Comments Comparing Him To Her Sex-Addicted Ex-Husband

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This is so embarrassing for Jana Kramer.

On her podcast this week Whine Down with Jana Kramer, the hosts discussed the relationship between Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce.

Of course, the A-list couple has been spending the NFL offseason partying and hanging out, and were recently seen in the pit at Coachella music festival. And apparently, Jana thinks they may be partying TOO much…

The pop-country singer has been open in the past about her own relationship struggles, including her three previous marriages. She’s also opened up in the past about her most recent ex-husband Mike Caussin’s sex addiction and his cheating on her with what was known to be 13 other women…leading to a very public divorce.

Caussin, like Kelce, was also an NFL tight end, spending most of his time with the Buffalo Bills during his 5 seasons in the league (that were mostly spent on practice squads). And apparently Kramer sees some of the same warning signs in Travis that she saw in her ex-husband:

“I’m not saying it’s fake…I just have my own – he reminds me of my ex. It just feels a little corny, cheesy, like loving the attention. It just feels like like he is just loving the attention.”

Jana said that at first she loved their relationship, like watching Taylor run off stage to hug Travis, but as things have gone on she’s noticed some red flags – like Travis losing his temper on Chiefs coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.

“Something about him reminds me of my ex that just rubs me the wrong way.”

And Kramer also called out Kelce for his hard-partying ways:

“To me he’s always drunk. Every time I’ve ever seen a video he’s just always drunk. And I’m like, I hope that she doesn’t go on that. I see her drinking more now because of the company you keep.”

Of course, Kelce does have quite the reputation for his partying, and even slammed a beer as he crossed the stage for his college graduation ceremony (that wasn’t an actual graduation, but was set up for him and his brother as a way to honor them at the alma mater).

And we’ve seen a lot of videos of the two out partying…but it would make sense that they’re drinking while they’re out having a good time. It’s not like they’re going to church together and pounding a fifth on the way – the videos that we get of them are in settings where it’s normal to be drinking.

And according to TMZ, after the media frenzy that ensued following this particular podcast episode, Jana’s comments somehow made their way to Kelce, and he apparently had no idea who she was… yikes.

Sources told the outlet specifically that:

“He’s taken aback by her inflammatory comments about him on her podcast… and Travis thinks Jana is blowing hot air just to get attention for her pod.”

Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty spot-on assessment of the situation, and I’m sure the last thing on the planet Travis Kelce, who just signed a huge $34 million contract with the Chiefs, is worried about is what Jana Kramer thinks about him.

And I guess if Jana’s strategy by making these comments was to get her name out there in the press, which is definitely what I think is the case, it clearly worked… I just don’t think she should every expect to be invited to a show on the Eras tour anytime soon.

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