College Graduation Ceremony Had Bald Eagle Flyover & It About Took A College Kid’s Head Off

Bald eagle graduation

Nothing like a close call during a graduation ceremony.

A person’s college graduation is a milestone moment in one’s life. Putting on a cap and gown, walking across the stage and getting a fake diploma (the real one is always sent in the mail) and celebrating the fact that you just spent thousands of dollars on a piece of paper is a lifetime highlight.

At High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, they know how to celebrate the right way. Some might even say “The American Way,” and if you need further clarification on that, there’s a bald eagle involved… and it’s spectacular.

Every other graduation ceremony pales in comparison when you find out how patriotic things are over at High Point University (a premiere life skills university). I don’t know if you are like me, but I’m now mad at the lack of flying bald eagles at my own college graduation. I feel as though I’m owed something from my alma mater now.

But anyways, High Point University has apparently done this “tradition unlike any other” for quite some time now, where they have America’s national bird fly over the graduates during the ceremony. They describe their reasoning for doing so (personally, I didn’t need any) on their website, saying:

“Each year, a bald eagle soars over High Point University graduates during Commencement to represent the ideals of free enterprise, personal initiative and the ability to pursue new opportunities in America.”

First off, that’s great. Other universities should be taking notes. Secondly, notice that they weren’t specific about how far above the graduates that the eagle soars. If you were wondering how close it gets to the graduates, the answer is in this video, and to be frank, it’s “really close.”

Check it out:

Some of the soon-to-be-graduates had to hold on to their graduation caps as the big ol’ bird swooped through. That bald eagle really cut it close, but to be honest, that made the moment that much cooler.

High Point always does it during the performance of “America the Beautiful,” and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate both graduation and that song than having a bald eagle effortlessly soar through the air like the American hero that it is. Those kids shouldn’t be scared that the large bird got that close… they should be honored.

You can view another example of the proud High Point University tradition in the clip below:

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