Rob Gronkowski’s Shot Glass Spike At Tom Brady’s Roast Allegedly Sent A Shard Of Glass Into A Woman’s Cheek

Gronk Spike

Bad Gronk!

This right here is why we can’t have Rob Gronkowski at nice things. We can have nice things, but someone needs to make sure that Gronk’s invitation gets lost in the mail. The future hall of fame tight end was a big hit at Netflix’s The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady, and something tells me that he’s going to get hit with a big lawsuit if this story is true.

The first part of it is undeniable. Rob took a shot with his former teammates Julian Edelman and Tom Brady and usually stoic former head coach Bill Belichick. Then Gronk spun around, looked at the crowd, and proceeded to spike his shot glass into the stage, shattering it into countless pieces. There’s video proof of that happening. In fact, here it is:

Gronk’s famous spike got the KIA Forum crowd revved up. On the flip side, it might have also got one person in attendance sitting close to the stage a trip to the emergency room for some stitches. One woman was allegedly struck by one of the pieces of the shot glass in the face, and if the story is true, it wasn’t pretty.

Comedian Andrew Schulz, one of the roasters from the event that night, talked about Gronk’s shot glass spike on a recent episode of the Flagrant podcast. Based on his explanation of what went down, things did not work out well for one front-row-joe:

“Gronk takes it and he has so much energy he doesn’t know what to do. He slams it. All of us are like, ‘What the f–k just happened?’

A girl in the front row has like a piece of shot glass like hanging out of her cheek. And I’m not talking about a little thing, her whole cheek is red. She looks like a mime.”

What a nightmare… that everyone just brushed over and never really talked about afterwards.

Schulz went on to give a lot of credit to Kevin Hart for settling things down after Gronk’s out of control moment (is Gronk really ever in control?). Hart, the host for the roast, got things back on track to keep the show going. And as far as the woman that was allegedly injured, who knows what has happened with her.

I’m sure if she really was hurt, she’ll be getting a hefty check from the estate of Rob Gronkowski. You can hear more about the alleged (and scary) incident in the video below:

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