The Comments On Zac Brown Band’s “God Given” Are BRUTAL…And Hilarious

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Holy shit – where do you start?

To put it simply, Zac Brown Band’s new album, The Owl, is a dumpster fire.

Earlier in the year, we all became nervous and uncomfortable when Zac starting teasing the new record, playing some of the new stuff live. Specifically, he began performing “God Given” – a rap song that’s so bad, so cringeworthy, I’m still expecting Zac to tweet something out like “haha, just kidding, this isn’t real.”

It is real, unfortunately, and the comments on the album and that song are priceless.

“Gucci bag, stacks on stacks, diamonds fill up the champagne glass, Veyron whip, G5 high, you have class that you just can’t buy,” Zac raps.

Is Zac OK? Is he though?

Comments on social media and YouTube are the worst we’ve ever seen when it comes to an established artist putting out a new record…

And here…we…go.

lol are they serious ???? this is so bad it hurts

Pretty sure this was produced on an Etch-A-Sketch.

This is the same group that did Highway 20 Ride. What the heck happened?!?

Is this maroon 5?

This is absolute garbage. Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke.

I just threw up a little

Funny but wtf

I hate to say this. But I think “Old Town Road” may be more country than this.

I prefer the live version…..far more embarrassing.

Yeah songs about Gucci Bags are really rooted in your raw authenticity. This album is the exact shit you used to criticize.

These comments are never-ending. Let’s not forget, Zac once called Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kinda Night” the “worst song” he’s ever heard. That did NOT age well.

If you need a good ear-bleed, here ya go.

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A beer bottle on a dock