Zac Brown Band Performs God-Awful New Rap Song About Gucci & Diamonds

It’s official, Zac Brown has officially lost his mind

A video has surfaced on YouTube of him performing a new song this past weekend, possibly called “God Given.” It’s a full blown rap song, and a shitty one at that. Here’s some of the God-awful lyrics from the chorus:

“Gucci bag, stacks on stacks, diamonds fill up the champagne glass, Veyron whip, G5 high, you have class that you just can’t buy.”

Followed by the most awkward rap you’ve ever seen… It’s almost like his own body is rejecting what he’s trying to do right now.

We knew that Zac Brown was going to step even further out of the box on this new record, but this is some next-level dog shit. Like, what in the literal fuck are you doing?

Bring back “Chicken Fried.”

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