Remember When Zac Brown Called Luke Bryan’s Song “The Worst He’s Ever Heard”? That Didn’t Age Well…

Christopher Polk/ACMA2012/Getty Images

I might seem like we’ve been piling up on Zac Brown lately, but he wanted attention with his recent CMT Music Awards speech and now, he’s going to get it.

If you remember back to a 2013 interview with Vancouver’s 93.7 JRfm, Zac Brown went off on the current state of country music, most notably taking a shot a fellow Georgia boy Luke Bryan, and his song, “That’s My Kinda Night.”

“If I hear one more tailgate in the moonlight, daisy duke song, I’m gonna throw up. There’s songs out there on the radio right now that make me ashamed to be even in the same format as some other artists.”

“I love Luke Bryan, and he’s had some great songs, but this new song is the worst song I’ve ever heard,” Brown says. “I see it being giant commercially, successful within what is called country music these days, but I also feel like that the people deserve something better than that.”

“I’m opinionated because I care so much about the music and the songs.”

Oh Zac, my how the times have changed.

You ran your mouth off at tailgates in the moonlight, but then turned around and traded that for a rap song about Gucci bags and diamonds in the champagne glass. Then you basically say you’re only being an asshole because you care about the music and the songs? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So actually Zac, THIS is the worst song I’ve ever heard, and quite frankly, it’s not even close…

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