Country Music Fans Are VERY Divided Over Post Malone & Morgan Wallen’s New Song “I Had Some Help”

Post Malone and Morgan Wallen
Post Malone

Well, Posty has officially gone “country”.

Let’s be clear, it’s not Childers or Zach Top, heck it’s not even Luke Combs, but the collaboration between Morgan Wallen and Post Malone is sure to be one of the biggest country songs of the year given the superstar status of both artists.

Would I have hoped for a sound more like Wallen’s One Record At A Time or Dangerous sessions? Of course, especially considering the love Post has shown for legit country artists like Sturgill Simpson, but the idea that they wouldn’t come out swinging with something radio friendly that appeases both mainstream country and pop fans is silly. There’s no denying it’s a catchy tune and is going to light up the charts and social media for the foreseeable future, but the lyrics are a bit too shallow for me to really get into it and the production doesn’t score it any brownie points in my book.

As you may expect, because it’s the case when Morgan Wallen does anything, fans were quick to take to X to give their two cents on the song, and much like everything else in this country and the country music genre, opinions were about as far ranging and divided as imaginable.

There’s literally people saying this is the worst and the best country song of all-time, even though the truth is squarely somewhere in the middle. I might as well just get used to it now because there’s no way I get through this summer without hearing it hundreds of times.

What do you think about the Post Malone and Morgan Wallen collaboration? Be sure to let us know.

Here’s the music video the two released to go with the soon-to-be-record breaking single.

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