Will Levis’ Girlfriend Gia Duddy Steals The Show At The NFL Draft As The Kentucky QB Slips To Round 2

Will Levis Gia Duddy

Just a brutal night for Will Levis at the NFL Draft.

The Kentucky QB was expected to be one of the first quarterbacks off the board during the first round of the draft, with a Reddit rumor even swinging the Vegas odds of Levis being the #1 pick as high as 4/1.

In fact ESPN, the “worldwide leader in sports,” gave Levis a 92% chance of being picked in the top 10 of the draft.

Instead, the quarterback fell out of the first round, and had to sit around in the green room all night just hoping he would finally get that phone call.

Just a brutal scene.

But as the cameras cut to Levis every time he wasn’t selected, it was somebody else that stole the show: His girlfriend Gia Duddy.

Duddy, an Instagram influencer and senior at Penn State, caught everyone’s attention sitting at Levis’ side in a red dress – and suddenly people stopped feeling as bad for Levis about falling in the draft.

According to Duddy, the couple have been together for two years, and the 21-year old Duddy reportedly plans to go to nursing school after graduating with her degree in behavioral health.

And of course Twitter had all kinds of jokes after Levis just kept dropping in the draft…

And let’s be honest, after seeing her man put mayonnaise in his coffee and eat a banana with the peel on, there’s no way she’s leaving him just because he didn’t get drafted in the first round. She’s clearly stuck with him through worse.

I guess we’ll have to tune in tonight to see where Levis will ultimately be playing. But I have a feeling there will be a ton of dudes tuned in to see Gia Duddy again too.

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