Whiskey Myers’ “Firewater” Album Turns 12 Years Old Today

Whiskey Myers country music
Khris Poage

Whiskey Myers has released 6 studio albums over the years, but none may be more special than their breakout album Firewater.

The southern rock band from Palestine, Texas got a little nostalgic with their most recent Instagram post. It has been 12 years since “Ballad of a Southern Man” rocketed both the album, and the band itself, into country music stardom.

Upon the album’s release, which was the second studio project to be released by the group, Firewater reached the Billboard Top 30 Country Albums chart.

The album was chock full with hits, such as “Broken Window Serenade,” “Bar, Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd,” and “Virginia,” along with the aforementioned “Ballad of a Southern Man”.

Ever since Firewater‘s release, the talented Texas-based group has been churning out great country and southern rock hits, boasting a handful of Gold and Platinum-Certified singles.

The video starts with footage from 2011 showing the band on their Firewater tour performing “Bar, Guitar, and a Honkey Tonk Crowd” in front of fans and having fun outside the performances.

Then, a dramatic jump prefaced with the caption “12 year later” shows large, sold-out crowds singing Whiskey Myers songs for them.

I’m sure its a very rewarding video for the band to watch, and its of course a really cool watch for fans of the band. Especially if you’ve been on the “southern country/rock band-wagon” from the beginning.

The album has since gone on to be Gold-Certified by the RIAA, an incredibly rare feat for an independent band, and it was also the winner of our annual 2022 Whiskey Riff March Madness Tournament, a fan-voted bracket that crowned the best album from 2010 to present.

The caption on the special video from Whiskey Myers reads:

“Firewater is 12 years old today. Thank all of you for the continued support of this album. It really does mean a lot to us.”

Cue it up:

“Ballad Of A Southern Man”

“Broken Window Serenade”


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