Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Teases Upcoming Projects With Matthew McConaughey & 50 Cent

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A snippet of what is in store for Yellowstone.

Cole Hauser seems like he is the only one who has intel about what is happening with the future of the show, but even his insight still does not give when the end of the modern-day Western will be on our TV screens. Lainey Wilson and Kelly Reilly noted that they had “absolutely no clue” what is going on with the show earlier this month, and Kevin Costner, after pulling out of the show, notes that he’d potentially like to return.

While fans (including myself) weren’t even sure if the second half of season five would ever see the light of day, we were still keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we would. Cole Hauser recently shared information with Whiskey Riff during a recent sit-down that filming is at least set to resume soon. While chatting about exciting projects in the works, Hauser noted that giving fans a conclusion to the show was one of his priorities.

“My intention is to make sure we finish ‘Yellowstone’ strong, you know. This is the last season of that. I start in about 3 weeks. I just want to make sure that Taylor, Kelly, Luke, Wes, myself, everybody that has been a part of this show that we just end it.

That is probably my focus, but there’s a ton of other stuff going that I’m excited about.” 

But even though Hauser wants to focus on that, he has a laundry list of projects he is working on. With how much he has lined up, the face of Free Rein Coffee is truly embodying their “Get Up & Get After It” motto. Two that stood out to me were projects with Matthew McConaughey and 50 Cent.

Hauser and McConaughey have a longstanding friendship that dates back to their Dazed and Confused days. Hauser even referred to him as his “brother from another mother,” which is fitting for what the two are softly working on.

“We are working on something quietly…we are pretty excited about it, too. It will be a movie, it’s about brothers.” 

And while the project with 50 Cent is a little more under wraps, it sounds as though

“There’s actually, this is kind of cool, there’s one with 50 Cent and I. He owns the urban world, you know, and I kind of run the country world. So, it would be cool to find something together we can do. And so we are working on that. 

Yeah, just a lot of good sh*t.”

He’s not wrong, outside of Yellowstone, he does have a lot of good sh*t going on. Personally, I can’t wait to see what these two projects look like, and I hope we get more information about them sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, everyone adores his character Rip Wheeler from Yellowstone, so you might as well enjoy a montage while you are here.

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