LSU Baseball Fan Takes Home Run To The Dome: “Hole In The Glove, Man”

LSU fan

This right here is a really tough look.

Going to the ballpark, whether it be a college game or an MLB contest, is always a great time. And if you’ve ever sat in a seat where a foul ball or a home run could land, that increases the excitement level of the event. It’s always fun to have the chance to snag a free souvenir.

Some people (mostly children) even bring a baseball glove to the ballpark. Might as well be equipped to catch a baseball the correct way if one comes rocketing your way, right? And there’s really nothing wrong with that.

However, if you a) have a glove and b) are a fully grown adult, you better pony up and catch a ball if it comes your way. Kids get a pass if they miss out on catching a homer or a foul ball, but if you are an old man with a glove at a game, that mitt simply has to come down with a baseball inside of it.

Tragically, the exact opposite thing happened when an older, glove-toting LSU Tiger fan tried to catch a home run ball in the outfield. He was in perfect position, and I mean perfect, when a laser of a home run came right towards him. The man stood up, put his glove in the air, and readied himself to allow for his plan to come together.

Then the home run ball hit him square in the forehead.

The ding of the metal bat is all you need to hear to know that baseball was traveling at a terrifying speed. It got out of the ball park fast, but it tattooed the old guy in the face even faster. The best part about it all is that the call of the game didn’t even mention the man holding his forehead in agony.

And the caption for the post also didn’t bother mentioning the possibly concussed LSU fan. In fact, it kind of sounds like they were making fun of him:

“Get off the tracks when the train is coming through.”

First off, I hope that guy is okay. There’s no telling how bad of a headache and how big of a welp that baseball to the face left that man with.

Second off, you have to catch that ball if you bring a glove. Everything lined up perfectly, and he let the moment get the best of him. Like the caption of the post alluded to, maybe he should have gotten out of the way of the “train” that was barreling right towards him.

The mid-game interview was the best part… this dude is a character:

Hopefully that man is recovering from his injury and doing well, though I can assure him that he won’t be made to feel better looking at the responses to his mishap on social media:

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A beer bottle on a dock