Florida Man Runs Over 11-Foot Alligator With His Car To Save His Neighbor’s Life

Florida alligator
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What’s the only thing more dangerous than an alligator? The answer is the darnedest, most vicious creature on the planet.

The Florida Man.

Thanks to some quick instincts from a man that calls Florida home, another Floridian is alive and doing as well as he can be after being attacked by an 11-foot alligator. And the story is so absurd, there’s really no other state that this could have happened in.

This dramatic, what-the-hell-is-happening encounter occurred in the beautiful (and apparently alligator infested) city of Naples, Florida. One man by the name of Walter Rudder was driving home and had made it to his neighborhood when he spotted one of his neighbors in quite the sticky situation.

Rick Fingeret, another Florida man, was rolling around on the ground and waving his arms as best as he could to waive down help. Fingeret had an alligator latched on to his leg and needed to break free as the powerful reptile attempted to drag the man into a nearby pond. Luckily for him, his superhero neighbor Walter was there to save the day.

Rick was reportedly poking and prodding at the gator in an attempt to get away, but he was having no luck at all. Walter was in his vehicle watching it all unfold, and knew he had to act fast in order to save his neighbor. So he revved up his vehicle and pressed on the gas.

Rudder might not have thought it all the way through, though then again, there wasn’t much time to think. One man had an alligator hanging from his leg and needed to be freed as soon as possible. So Walter Rudder ran over the back half of the massive alligator.

When the friendly, neighborhood Florida man ran over the gator, it shocked it enough for its jaws and sharp teeth to unlatch from Rick Fingeret’s leg. Rick was then able to get away from the scaly creature, and later had his injuries treated at a nearby hospital.

So to make a long story short, always be on the lookout for alligators if you live in Florida, and also make sure to make friends with your neighbors. You might not know them all that well, but they could very well save your life one day if a gator’s got you by the leg.

You can view the local news story about the scary incident below:

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