Sheep Dog Goes Head-To-Head With Big Ol’ Grizzly To Protect The Herd

dog scares off bear
Kyno logy

Now, that’s a good boy.

Sheep farmers have used dogs as a tool to get the job done, whether its herding them and keeping them where they need to be or protecting them from predators, for a long time.

Seeing it in action is pretty cool, but make no mistake, these dogs don’t live like most with soft beds and warm shelter. They are usually outside, working dogs. But, they have a purpose and they love doing it, so it’s a good thing. And what’s better for a dog than running the field all day?

Great Pyrenees are a protective sheep dog. They are used to scare off predators or anything that is threatening the herd. They have a natural instinct to patrol and defend their territory, which often includes the sheep they are tasked to protect. Their thick, weather-resistant coat helps them withstand harsh mountain climates while blending in with their surroundings.

But they do have to do some wild stuff like take on wolves, coyotes and bears. But they do it happily. This great Pyrenees is seen going to work when a grizzly bear started to move in of his herd.

The bear makes its way to the sheep but the dog comes in guns-a-blazing. It is barking and heads straight for the bear getting within a few feet.

Ultimately the grizzly knows he means business and takes off to find an easier meal. A job well done… get that good boy a treat.

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