One Of Nikola Jokic’s Brothers Punched The Soul Out Of A Man In The Stands At The Nuggets-Lakers Game

Jokic brothers fight

You might be wonder how and why Nikola Jokic is one of the best basketball players on the planet right now.

Jokic doesn’t look athletic, he’s not fast whatsoever, and he even seems to have a lack of enthusiasm about the sport that he plays for a living. So how is he such a dominant force in the NBA? Well, I’ve got a theory, and I’m pretty confident about it to tell you the truth.

He grew up with two older brothers that just might be the toughest, meanest beings on Earth.

Nikola Jokic grew up in Serbia with two older brothers, Strahinja and Nemanja. Since Nikola started his NBA career, he’s seemingly made it a goal to stay under the radar as much as he can… even though he’s a super star. His older brothers, on the other hand, appear to have a collective goal of punching and fighting as many people as they can. While Nik kinda gives you loveable big man vibes, his brothers give you “bad guys in a John Wick movie” vibes.

They’ve done it before plenty of times, and Strahinja and Nemanja were back at it again last night after the Denver Nuggets came back and won against the Los Angeles Lakers to go up 2-0 in the series. Now that the NBA is in the playoffs (and the players are actually trying), the stakes are high out on the basketball court, and we’re just in the first round.

However, one could argue that the stakes were even higher for one fan that was sitting next to the Jokic brothers at the game. As you might imagine with Nikola Jokic being a center in the NBA, his brothers are giant human beings as well. Strahinja apparently got fed up with another, regular-sized person in the stands, and actually ended up sucker punching him.

Miraculously, the guy who got punched right square in the face stayed upright, and was virtually unfazed. He might need to look into a boxing or MMA career if he’s that good at taking a punch, especially from someone in a bigger weight division.

The video is pretty crazy, and the NBA just recently announced that they were officially investigating the incident. So now Nikola Jokic has to worry about defending an NBA title and defending his fan-punching brothers. I’m sure the solution is pretty simple: Tell them not to do what they did in this footage:

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