The New ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Trailer Gives Us A Little Logan Backstory, Colorful Dialogue & Ruthless Action

Wolverine and Deadpool trailer
Ryan Reynolds

The Super Bowl trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine shattered records for viewership, and I have a feeling this latest one could do even better numbers. Hugh Jackman is featured a lot more heavily, and we learn that this iteration of Wolverine let down his entire universe in some form or fashion. Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson has some snappy, hilarious exchanges with Logan, too. F-bombs galore, insults, and all kinds of hilarity ensue, leading to gory, bloody, brutal fight scenes.

What I love most about this is how we’re given more context for what the story’s going to be, but not at the cost of any major cameos or spoilers. Additionally, as funny as some bits are, it doesn’t feel like they packed a bunch of the very best jokes into this extended trailer. That’s always a bummer when that happens.

We got our first proper look and speaking lines from the supposed main villain of the movie, Emma Corrin’s Cassandra Nova. I say “supposed” because with all the multiverse elements at play, this story could literally go anywhere. Corrin crushed it as the lead in Hulu’s A Murder at the End of the World, and earned a Golden Globe Award for their turn as Princess Diana in The Crown.

This character Nova is the identical twin of Charles Xavier, and should have similar telepathic and telekinetic powers to Professor X. Since Deadpool and Wolverine both have plenty of personal trauma and demons they’re living with, Nova should be able to prey upon those to almost no end. One clip shows Wolverine getting physically owned by Nova without her even making contact with him.

The fight between Deadpool and Wolvie with the 20th Century Fox logo in the background looks absolutely glorious. Deadpool gets adamantium-clawed in the taint, and responds by shooting Logan relentlessly in the sides with dual pistols. Their exchange afterwards is one of my favorite bits:

“Deadpool: Wanna talk about what’s haunting you, or…should we wait for a third-act flashback?

Wolverine: Uhh…go f**k yourself.”

Delicious meta humor still intact. Love to see it. A couple other Easter eggs: We have a hideout/compound/lair made out of Ant-Man’s skull, and the final shot featuring our two leading antiheroes shows them leaping into what looks to be a Doctor Strange inter-dimensional portal.

Are we gonna see Doc Strange? I think it’s more likely that Wong pops up again, but there are so many wild rumors about who’ll make a cameo. The only one I’m dying to see is Channing Tatum as Gambit. That’d be so cathartic for him. Tatum was supposed to do a Gambit solo movie. It was a passion project of his that never launched, and it broke his heart. Plus, Tatum already had an amazing bit part in another collaboration between Reynolds and director Shawn Levy that I won’t spoil here in case you stumble upon it someday.

With all the fan theories flying around, I’ll contribute a totally outlandish one: Both Deadpool and Wolverine make a point to say, “Let’s f****n’ go!” in the trailer. They’re even using the #LFG abbreviated hashtag to promote the new footage.

Is Tom Motherf*****g Brady about to pop up in Deadpool & Wolverine?? Think about it. He’s retired from football (for now). He’s really interested in acting, has popped up in movies, and even had the plot of the film 80 for Brady revolve entirely around him. Nobody super famous is better known for saying “LFG” than TB12.

A Netflix trailer dropped today for a celebrity roast of Tom Brady, and he ended it by saying what, you ask? “LET’S GO.”

The last thing he tweeted before this trailer dropped had to do with the Michigan WOLVERINES!

I think it’d almost be too meta even for a Deadpool flick if Brady appears. Then again, Taylor Swift is heavily speculated to be playing Dazzler somewhere in this, so who the hell knows?

Alright. I’m 99.9999% sure that’s wrong. A near-zero chance Brady makes a cameo. Just remember you heard the “#LFG” theory here first if it comes to pass.

In any event, this trailer and maybe another 90-second tease is all they should do for Deadpool & Wolverine. Butts will be in seats to see Jackman’s Wolverine on one last adventure, and Deadpool himself is an obvious box office draw. Don’t give too much away! Please! July 26 is so far away. Hanging on for dear life and praying leaks don’t spoil what could be a truly special entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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