The ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Super Bowl Trailer Features A Whole Lot Of TVA & Very Little Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds went ahead and dropped the full-length trailer for his Deadpool threequel, which was revealed to be titled Deadpool & Wolverine, right before the shorter TV spot aired during Super Bowl Sunday.

Let’s break it down a bit, with some key takeaways from the two and a half minutes or so of footage.

I would say I was disappointed to see a real lack of Hugh Jackman — you don’t even see his face on camera — but we get a great, Western-style shadow shot at the end, where he’s about to dig those iconic adamantium claws into Wade Wilson. We also see Wolverine from behind, sitting at what looks to be some sort of casino table or something. Not much else to speak of. I’m fine with this. Don’t show Hugh until you need to. It’d be dope if the first shot we see of him in the yellow Wolverine suit and/or cowl is in the actual movie. Because like…this movie sells itself. No need to spoil the film’s introduction to Wolverine in promo material.

We do get plenty of that trademark potty mouth Wade Wilson humor in this trailer, though. The opening sequence, where he’s celebrating a birthday, only to get his door pounded on by the Time Variance Authority, is amazing. Of course, ol’ Deadpool thinks it’s some sort of sexual thing, when really, that squad with sticks is about to prune him into oblivion, or just to the TVA.

We cut to TVA headquarters and get far more of Matthew Macfadyen’s agent than I expected. Macfadyen was one of the best parts of the iconic HBO series Succession, and looks poised to capitalize on that with a meaty supporting part in Deadpool & Wolverine. Can’t wait to learn more about what he’s up to, beyond facilitating Deadpool’s integration into the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, Deadpool quips that he’s “Marvel Jesus” in a classic meta one-liner that’s helped make this franchise feel so fresh.

So many rumors are flying around about all the cameos that could be in Deadpool & Wolverine. One of them is Taylor Swift. She’s in attendance at Super Bowl LVIII with Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively.

Swift is among the megastars who may very well pop up in this movie. I’m so glad that the team behind Deadpool & Wolverine decided to deliver on the title’s foremost character in this debut trailer while not even coming close to giving too much away about the plot, or the many surprises that we’re bound to see when this flick hits theaters on July 26.

That seems so far away. Would love to see it sooner. Oh well. If this tease is any indication, Deadpool & Wolverine will be well worth the wait.

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