MMA Fighter And Certified Florida Man Wrestles An Alligator On Jacksonville Street

Florida man wrestles alligator

All former Florida Man beware, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Thanks to some very transparent reporting laws, Florida has become well known for wild news stories that seems to come to light daily.

There’s the Easter Bunny throwing hands, a guy wrestling a black bear, this idiot stealing a tarpon from Bass Pro Shops, heck they even held the first ever Florida Man Games to determine which Florida Man is the most Florida of them all.

But a video is hitting the internet this morning from a neighborhood near Jacksonville which shows a Florida man at his best and perhaps most daring.

Mike Dragich is an amateur MMA fighter out of Jacksonville and just this weekend stepped in to help his community when one of the Sunshine State’s most infamous residents decided to cause a traffic jam.

As tends to happen down south, an 8 foot alligator got a little too juiced up during mating season and ran out onto a road, which stopped cars and had residents worried, because this gator was not just laying there, it was running wild and actively chasing after people nearby.

Dragich didn’t have on shoes and was only wearing a sleeveless flannel and shorts, but he knew what he had to do and leapt into action.

First, he chased it around, trying to get a hold of it, and when he got close enough, jumped onto its back and began trying to hold its mouth shut. Eventually, he was able to control the animal, but instead of waiting for some assistance to arrive, he wanted to show off a bit, so he lifted the gator off the ground, cradled it in his arms, and gave the people watching a bit of a show.

If he looked comfortable wrangling an alligator, it was for good reason. The “Blue Collar Brawler” actually went viral last year for catching an alligator by an elementary school and is a licensed alligator trapper, so he’s more than familiar with these modern day dinosaurs.

You never know what you’re going to see down in Florida and a shoeless MMA fighter tying up with an alligator on a Jacksonville street certainly fits the mold for surprising but not shocking stories that flow out of the Sunshine State.

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