Construction Workers Create 4-Foot Pizza On Jobsite With Smooth Drum Roller, Forklift & Makeshift Oven

DIY pizza
Haus Plans

Well if that isn’t the most impressive culinary feat I’ve seen in a minute.

Construction work is arduous. Yeoman’s work that seemingly by magic but actually by sheer force of human will gives rise to the infrastructure of our society. Amazing architectural feats. Immense strength. Such grit in those trenches transforms into absolute beauty.

Burning all those calories on the job can take its toll, and will make even the most fit as a fiddle worker hangry with the best of them. While I’m sure it took a lot of patience for these fine folks to enjoy the fruits (not literal) of their labor, a f*cking 4-foot pepperoni pizza was the end result. You will not believe what you see in the video below.

@hausplans We used a smooth drum roller to make a 4-foot pizza on the jobsite. #construction #howto #heavyequipment #cooking #diy #contractor ♬ original sound – Haus Plans™️

How? HOW!? I mean I know they made a video to show us exactly how, but it’s hard to wrap my brain around just how big that ‘za is. Given the amount of dough and the fact that a smooth drum roller was needed to flatten it to a 3/8 inch thickness, I didn’t feel like three hard hats full of mozzarella was going to be enough cheese for that gargantuan pie. Wouldn’t you know it, looks like our guy measured that out to perfection.

The oven these guys threw together to make this whole thing work was a staggering feat of ingenuity on its own. Not to mention, the massive sheets of aluminum used to trap the heat in? My word. That is some serious innovation.

I wonder how long this took to plot out. Conceiving of the idea is one thing. Drawing up battle plans for how you’re going to execute it is another. To actually do it, and clearly make an edible-looking pizza? I couldn’t be more impressed.

Now, the only possible drawback is the cleanliness of the pizza. Food safety is nothing to mess with. Let’s pray any rogue impurities were neutralized by the oven’s heat. Cleaning the smooth drum roller, unless it’s brand spanking new, could only do so much as far as sanitation is concerned. Or so I’d think.

I just hope the artists involved got to enjoy this, and that it did indeed turn out to be scrumptious. I’d have thrown a massive party, built a bonfire out of the oven, and made a whole damn day and night of it. Outstanding work!!

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