“Blue Mountain State?” – Fans Sound Off On Denver Broncos New Jerseys

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This isn’t exactly what I was thinking when I heard Blue Mountain State was coming back…

Back in February. the iconic and over the top show about Blue Mountain State’s perennial powerhouse of a football team was gearing up for a reboot with most of the main characters returning, and myself, Johnny Manziel, and bros everywhere got fired up.

There hasn’t been any additional news regarding a potential release date or if Johnny Football was able to get a role, but something in the real football world is reminding people of Thad Castle, Coach Marty Daniels, and Alex Moran in a major way.

The Denver Broncos are trying to right the ship after the failure of their Russel Wilson experiment and one of the ways they’re cleaning house is by rolling out new jerseys. The Broncos unveiled some new threads in a video posted to social media just his morning.

I get that most announcement videos are going to be a bit dramatic and this one certainly fits the mold, but it’s not so much the video that has fans talking, but the design of the jerseys, which people think are a bit too reminiscent of the ones worn by the fictitious Blue Mountain State Mountain Goats…

To be fair, it has to be tough designing jerseys that don’t look like existing ones at this point, but I do agree that they are quite similar. Can you imagine if they fully lean into this and turn Mile High into the Goat House every Sunday? I’d certainly be more interested in watching, especially if they post another 8-9 record and third place finish in the AFC West.

Also, Sean Payton does remind me a bit of Marty Daniels, so that has to count for something, right?

Time will tell if the jersey refresh works, but for now fans are having fun at the Broncos expense.

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