A ‘Blue Mountain State’ Sequel Is In The Works & Bros Everywhere (Including Johnny Manziel) Are Rejoicing

Blue Mountain State
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College me has never been happier.

Not many things were better than getting back from class with my buddy, making a pot of coffee, ripping Black & Milds in the parking lot, then sitting down and binge watching Blue Mountain State until it was time to start pregaming for the bars.

Could my lungs and liver handle that lifestyle now? No chance, but man I’d love to go back just for a day and do it again. Obviously, that’s not possible, but after hearing this news I’m thinking me and him are due to run it back, though I’m sure it’d be a more subdued afternoon at this point in our lives.

According to Deadline, the cult-classic, over the top, college football and partying show is being revived with Alan Ritchson (Thad Castle) coming back as the lead.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show but recognize the actor, Ritchson became a star in Amazon’s Reacher series based on the Lee Child written book series Jack Reacher. But there’s no doubt that his jawline and stare will forever be tied with Thad Castle, star middle linebacker and all-time party hero.

Darin Brooks, who played backup QB turned starter Alex Moran, and Chris Romano, who, along with co-creating and producing the show, played team mascot Sammy Cacciatore, will be back along with Eric Falconer, executive producer for the original.

Fittingly, former Texas A&M star and real life party legend Johnny Manziel said he wants in on the reboot.

Manziel and myself are far from the only dudes excited, take a look at some of the best reactions from X:

Right now Amazon and Netflix are in contention to stream the series and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they don’t screw this up. I’m begging them to not try and put some “deep” life lessons in or update it for the times or anything like that.

Just make it raunchy, over the top, and most of all funny. Do it for the people… do it for the boys.

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