Turkey Dodges Hunters On Top Of A Wawa Gas Station In Florida

Turkey wawa

Florida’s short turkey season, which runs from March 2nd to April 7th, is already over. If it wasn’t a fruitful hunting season, this video might be a clue as to why.

I always find it rather amusing when hunters go deep into the woods looking for deer, turkey, or whatever else they are seeking out and they don’t see a damn thing. Only then to return back to society and see the animal they were hunting every place but near their hunting spot.

What do I mean by that? Well, take this video of a big buck bedded down in someone’s front landscaping. Imagine returning from your hunting trip with nothing to show for it, and the biggest deer you’ve ever seen in your life is just chilling right next to your porch.

I’m sure any turkey hunters that stopped by this Wawa gas station in Florida felt the same way when they saw this gobbler roosted on top of the convenience store canopy. The long-bearded turkey appeared to be keeping a close eye on the entrance of the store. Maybe it was eyeing the goose on the sign that acts as the store’s mascot?

I do wonder how and why that turkey chose to roost on top of the Wawa canopy. If it was going for a “hidden in plain sight” thing, it certainly was checking that box. I’d say you are pretty safe from turkey hunters sitting high above a convenience store.

And hey, if that tom hangs around long enough, maybe there could even be a changing of guard at the mascot position? This Oxford, Florida Wawa could have a built-in, real-life mascot that hangs out on the property. You’d just have to kick “Wally Goose,” Wawa’s current mascot, to the curb to make room for this turkey to takeover.

It’s no Bucee (or Bucky) Beaver, but a live turkey mascot certainly wouldn’t be anything to sneeze at:

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