Big Buck & Doe Bed Down In Someone’s Front Landscaping

deer in suburban front yard

Deer might be the most unintentionally funny animals on the planet. People dedicate their lives and spend countless hours (and loads of money) trying to track down big bucks, and they’re often unsuccessful in their hunts. You want to know why?

Because deer are too busy doing stuff like this and hiding in plain sight. They also sometimes “hide” right in the middle of the road as loud vehicles rocket towards them, which makes no sense at all. Hunters know that if you even move a centimeter in the tree stand with a deer nearby, your cover is blown within seconds. But a car honking and coming at a deer at 55 miles per hour? They don’t move an inch.

Based on this footage, they also don’t seem to mind the sights and sounds of a suburban landscape. In fact, this big buck and doe were rather comfortable bedding down in the front landscaping of someone’s home.

A man pulls up to the house to do some work and immediately notices the large deer laying down on the outskirts of the landscaping. Later on in the clip, the video pans over to show a doe bedded down closer to the front porch of the house, so they both appear to be feeling quite at home.

The man in the video gives commentary as he exits his vehicle to get a closer look at the deer, saying:

“I can’t believe it. I come to my customer’s house and what is adorning his front yard but a massive 6-8 point buck.”

I wouldn’t have believed it either. Upon first glance, I probably would have thought they were front yard deer ornaments. You know the ones that people inexplicably decorate their yards with? There’s a good chance this clip was captured during rutting season, when deer act stranger and more bold than they normally would. That would help to explain why this deer couple (they could be on a date?) was chilling out in the front yard like they owned the place.

Take a look:

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A beer bottle on a dock